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Sevenoaks & District Green Party

The Green Party works to create a political and economic system that delivers for everyone, including future generations. That’s what we mean by the common good. Its about building strong, connected communities, in your neighbourhood, in Sevenoaks District, in Kent, in Britain and throughout the world.

Most people are beginning to accept the stark fact that we can’t go on using up natural resources at the rate we have been doing. We think this provides us with a huge and exciting opportunity to look at what we truly value in life, and how we can conserve those things that really matter in ways that don’t damage the lives and opportunities of future generations, or others around the world.

Sevenoaks Greens are active in promoting sustainable living in all its forms – business, transport, energy production, education, housing, social justice and lifestyle choices.  Where you have a Green on your local council, you know there will be someone fighting for the things you care about in your community.    




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