Local elections

Local elections will be held in 2019.

Sevenoaks and District aim to run a "full slate" of candidates contesting all Wards in the Sevenoaks District.

Our Manifesto for a Sustainable Sevenoaks


Sevenoaks North & Darent Valley: Philip Dodd

Philip Dodd is a Green Party local Councillor and Chair of Shoreham Parish Council. He is a Local Government Officer who has worked in Housing and Homelessness for 30 years.  Philip has lived in both Otford and Shoreham, and cares deeply about the Darent Valley. He is one of two Greens who secured the second highest share of the vote in the District Council elections for Otford & Shoreham in 2015.

If elected, Philip is keen to get more local control over what happens in the Darent valley, so that the people who live here can have a real say about their communities. As a Green he is of course committed to preserving this very special place that is so important to everyone who lives here, while working with local businesses and local people to ensure that the communities that live here can also thrive. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, within the green belt, so any future developments have to be of a size and nature appropriate to the area. We need affordable homes, not the luxury detached houses the developers want in order to make maximum profit. Philip will support stronger action on empty properties.

Traffic and parking are issues which need local solutions which serve local people. Philip will campaign for roads that are fit for both vehicles and people. He will maintain the Green Party’s opposition to the 11 plus in Kent, and argue for the best social services we can provide, not the cheapest. Philip favours supporting refugees fleeing war in Syria, but understands the need to make this work in local communities. Over time he would like to improve the accountability and effectiveness of local government.

If elected Philip would seek to work positively with other parties and would work closely with existing District Councillors, whatever their political colour, to find solutions which work for local people.  


Sevenoaks Rural North East: Mark Lindop

Mark Lindop is an active Green Party member who has lived in Fawkham for 15 years. He supports his local church and helps charities that operate both at home and abroad. For him, the Greens are the only political party who work for the common good.

Mark believes that Kent could be a quieter and cleaner place, but that change cannot happen without policies to reduce traffic congestion. Building more Thames crossings will not help. Air quality in Kent is amongst the worst in the country, something the Conservatives and others care little about. More money needs to be spent on public transport, and on encouraging cleaner ways to move around.

If elected, Mark would work to protect the environment and provide support for the poor and the disabled, whom the Conservatives at a local and national level deprive of proper benefits. He sees families’ reliance on food banks (even in an area as wealthy as Sevenoaks) as nothing less than a scandal.

Mark would also like to do more for those fleeing wars and other disasters. The Conservative attitude at a local level is summed up by the fact that Sevenoaks District council have so far taken in just one Syrian refugee family.


Sevenoaks Rural South: Amélie Boleyn

Amélie Boleyn is a graduate in International Relations and French, having studied at both the Universit de Provence and the University of Westminster. She lives with her budding footballer son, and divides her time between her role in Corporate Social Responsibility and campaigning. She is also soon to be an alumni from the University of York with an Msc in `International Humanitarian Affairs.

Amélie has been campaigning on environmental and social justice issues for over 20 years, and believes that a focus on community localism is a key factor in striving for a more progressive society whoch works for all of us. She has led the transformation of Sevenoaks Green Party into a fully functioning branch of the wider Kent Green Party network, overseeing Press Office and Campaigns Co-ordination whilst also managing the recent surge in membership. She has represented the Green Party in previous contests at Parliamentary, Council and local levels and regularly volunteers her skills with NGOs in her spare time. Amélie believes that it is through politics that we can achieve a fairer society, however, and she has campaigned against the Conservatives’ austerity policies.

She is also the local lead for the Divestment from Fossil Fuels and the successful anti-TTIP Campaigns and is an outspoken advocate of human and animal rights. 


Sevenoaks West: Sarah White 

A Londoner by birth, Sarah White moved to Sevenoaks from South London 3 years ago. 

Having worked in the retail sector, the NHS and in education as well as having experience in small companies, Sarah has personally experienced unemployment and redundancy and knows first-hand how these issues affect families. Sarah took over a struggling local business with her husband in 2013 that now employs several local people, and she knows how small businesses can be adversely affected by local and national policies. 

Sarah is a passionate advocate for improving animal welfare and ensuring the most vulnerable members of our communities are protected and supported. She believes that access to a decent education and an effective NHS are the cornerstones of any successful and caring society, as are kindness and honesty. 

Sarah is not a politician; she is just a local person who believes that for our country to truly thrive, political parties need to work together rather than constantly engaging in backbiting. Sarah feels politicians, locally and nationally, need to listen to the electorate and actually hear what they are saying rather than engage in 'spin' to manipulate matters to suit their own agendas. 


Swanley: Phil Levy

Phil Levy has lived in Hextable with his wife Maria for 34 years and wishes to continue playing his part in the Swanley and Hextable community over the years to come.  

Now retired I am currently Chairman of Swanley and District Foodbank and consider the most important part of this role to help integrate the Foodbank into the lifeblood of our local community. 

If successful at the forthcoming Kent County Council elections on 4th May 2017, I will then work with the other mainstream political parties at all levels of Local Government with a view to fostering a culture in which more and more people participate in their local communities. The stimulation of co-operatively based activities can complement the main activities of Kent County Council which are Education, Transport and Social Care. 

For example, the encouragement of Car sharing schemes for commuters will assist those struggling to afford a car whilst reducing pollution by taking many cars off the road. In this respect extensive research by King’s College London (amongst others) has shown how air pollution has severe detrimental effects on children’s health. On education, we need local schooling for local children and after school clubs that help address social issues that arise within the less prosperous parts of Swanley and Hextable. Within the Social Care system there is a need to champion better terms and conditions for Carers but also insist that in Kent, Quality Care assessments are carried out in good time before severe problems occur instead of waiting until after the event.